Hi there! 

My name is Courtney and I am the face behind Contour Clay Designs. I took my first pottery class in 2017 and I started making coasters, spoon rests, tea dishes and anything else that was tiny and I could build by hand. After a few failed attempts, I started making porcelain earrings and necklaces and have been learning and growing with this craft since November 2019.

I love the outdoors and a big majority of my career was spent in the field of outdoor and experiential education. Some of my best jobs were when I got paid to take people into the outdoors to experience something novel and outside of their comfort zone. (Yes you can get paid to do awesome things like rock climbing and caving with people and I cherish those experiences that I had). My love for the outdoors has heavily influenced Contour Clay Designs. 

The name Contour Clay Designs was inspired by the contour lines on a topographic map. Contour lines show the elevation and shape of the terrain on the map and are useful when you are reading a map and trying to figure out the elevation of a certain area. You will see the topo print in a lot of my designs. 

I am honored you are here on this journey with me as I strive to make beautiful jewelry that you are excited to wear. My goal is to promote a sense of adventure and spark confidence in everyone who wears my jewelry!