Jewelry information/ FAQ

Q: What types of metals do you use?

A: All of the earrings are made with high quality metals. I use hypoallergenic stainless steel for the posts or studs, and sterling silver or 14/20 gold filled for the hooks. The hoops are brass and gold plated. All hardware is lead and nickel free. The studs are attached to the clay with a 2 part epoxy. Message me for more details if you are allergic to adhesives or have sensitivities to certain metals. 

Q: If the earrings are too heavy or bother my ears can I return them?

A: Part of my mission is to work with you to create something that you enjoy and love wearing. If you are not at all satisfied, please message me and I can replace the metal hardware or create a pair that is lighter for you. If you need to send something back to be fixed or exchanged, you will need to cover the cost of shipping both ways. I do list the weights of each set of earrings in the descriptions.

Q: Will the earrings break if dropped?

A: Yes, these pieces are porcelain and may break if dropped on a hard surface. I will try to make you a new pair, but each and every thing that I make is unique and will not be 100% like the original. Take care to be gentle with the pieces when putting them on and taking off. 

Q: Can I order custom pieces?

A: Yes! Just email or DM me on instagram with your ideas!